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Soccer here is less kicking, more cartwheeling.

week 36/52: sack race

Speedy Von Burlap = her new racing name. Second choice

dock dance

Slacklines, hard to walk on, harder to dance on.

swimming in shoes

This girl loves swimming. And super loves swimming in

week 33/52: hammock love

Happiest in a hammock. With chocolate. And friends.

week 32/52: swings and tutus

J spent pretty much the whole summer swinging in a

new suit

It doesn’t sparkle like her favorite tutu but at

twirling with baba

Baba totally gets that breakfast is better with

the new LOL

It’s a personal goal of mine when laughing to


Extra points to her for really thinking she could catch


Snowball aim thought to be improved by good luck lick

week 4/52: all the time

She’s high flying, hearts and rainbows, tongue

glitter hair stamps

Deep thoughts on puppy paws vs. star glitter hair

three monkeys

Three little monkeys – one climbing, two dancing

week 1/52: hello 2015

New Year, new pig tail! On a side note, no one walks

week 49/52: horse lady

My whole life I knew she was a skilled horse lady.

week 47/52: all business

C working so hard the “tongue of concentration&#

week 46/52: thankful

I think one of my favorite thing about kids is that

week 45/52: not our christmas card

I was going for lightly posed togetherness for our

week 44/52: two front teeth

The tooth fairy cometh! (again) 35mm, ISO 4000, f/3.5,

week 41/52: tutu optional

The heavyweight and lightweight tickle champions face

week 34/52: coffee date

Happily interrupting any and all work at home time

week 33/52: kinder

Shirt chosen “incase someone forgets my name. Or

week 32/52: peeking

Just peeking in on a pal. 35mm, ISO 6400, f/4,1/400

week 31/52: paddle board boogie

35mm, ISO 320, f/6.3, 1/1000

week 30/52: big day, sorbet

Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor on Mackinac Island,

week 27/52: goggle giggle

50mm, ISO 500, f2/8, 1/800

week 26/52: muscles mcgill

Meet Muscles McGill. Her dad works out sometimes too.

week 25/52: gramma and grandpa were here

Gramma and Grandpa: hide and seeking, old maid playing

week 24/52: ruff

C tends to have a go big or go home philosophy on most

week 23/52: like a polaroid picture

Shaking it like a polaroid picture is so much cuter

week 22/52: pigs

“Pigs!” (as in pig tails) 50mm, ISO 4000, f

week 21/52: burger eating contest

Memorial weekend BBQ was clothing optional for the

week 20/52: uppy

“Up-peez. Uppy. Uppy. Uppy. UPPY!” You

week 19/52: polar bear club

Trust me that the water temperature did not deserve

week 18/52: saucy/sweet

There is no one so sweet and saucy at the same time as

week 17/52: toothy

Little big teeth on the way! 50mm, ISO6400, f/3.5, 1/

week 16/52: howl

I’m not sure that anyone is ever really having as

week 15/52: hummingbird

Trying out a little panning this week – We refer

week 14/52: birthday baba

Whenever the phone rings J runs for it yelling “

week 13/52: at the races

This year’s Steeplechase was BYOFHT. Bring Your

week 12/52: portrait of a little sister

35mm, ISO 6400, f/3.5, 1/800

week 11/52: beach puddles

High tide puddles are the infinity pools of the beach.

week 9/52: better than last year’s banana

Silly and suspicious are constantly rotating across

week 8/52: snow bunny

Teaching J the fine art of waiting for skiers to finish

week 7/52: snowballin’

Two generations of Pink Lightnings having a little (a

week 6/52: beauty tip

For those of us seeking  fuller looking hair consider

week 5/52: typical

A dinosaur, a unicorn and a horse listening intently to

week 4/52: streaker

J’s hobbies include: doing anything her big

week 3/52: super horsey

Introducing Super Horsey – here to neigh and jump

week 2/52: smile

Quickie smile break on the tramp. 35mm, ISO 3200, f/3.5

week 1/52: pink cadillac

OK, it’s no caddie but a girl can dream. 35mm,

week 52/52: a big job

The big sister: helping the little sister down and off

week 51/52: so merry

Santa was worried about a “shoot your eye out&#

week 50/52: the lip

J doesn’t have the upper body strength yet to

week 49/52: tree trimming

Overhead while decking our halls: “Mommy, this is

week 48/52: thinking

Tip from a deep thinking four year old: pondering is

week 47/52: asking too much

The moral of this story: taking turns is good but

week 46/52: tramptastic

It was a big weekend on the trampoline and J loves big

week 45/52: breakfast with baba

Cheerios, fruit squeezes and real squeezes. Lots to

week 44/52: stinger

No tricks, just treats. Also, all toddler diaper covers

week 43/52: carving team

This year’s carving team benefitted from the

week 42/52: pumpkin patching

Sweet sisterly choke hold. 50mm, ISO 1000, f/5.6, 1/

week 41/52: ready, steady

Ready? Steady? Twirl! 50mm, ISO 640, f/3.5, 1/640

week 40/52: peek

For my peeking Jane collection. 50mm, ISO 2000, f/3.2,

week 39/52: porch swing

Every house should come with a porch swing. For reals.

week 38/52: no pants friday

My girls are so classy. Happy No Pants Friday! 50mm,

week 37/52: plsssssss

When she really wants something (like “up”

week 36/52: meow

A face painting, cotton candy eating, good time at

week 35/52: new tub

One of my favorite things about our new house is the

week 34/52: pretty little horsies, in a line

When you go anywhere with C, you need to be ready to

week 33/52: weeeeeeee!

I’m pretty sure I want to be a four year old girl

week 32/52: aggressively joyful vs. joyfully aggressive

Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. 35mm, ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/640 &

week 31/52: matchy matchy

“Hey T, wanna put on matching mismatched stripes

week 30/52: michigan

Meet my canine nieces. They also chase balls but when

week 29/52: color of summer

Welcome to the most fun backyard I have ever set foot

week 28/52: oh hello

Ever wonder if J was happy to see you after her nap?

week 27/52: breather

Sometimes, even in a parade, you have to take a

week 26/52: nothing left to do

It’s been so HOT here there is really nothing

week 25/52: lens (cap) lover

Show her an available lens cap and I’ll show you

week 24/52: father’s day

Dad’ing it up on the deck with freezing

week 23/52: i wish this one had sound

She loves me a lot but no one is funnier than her dad.

week 22/52: the unexpected

Look who’s walking…and who else was totally

week 21/52: water table season

The water table is by far my favorite of all the

week 20/52: peek-a-boo

Never gets old. Just doesn’t. 50mm, ISO 1000, f/4

week 19/52: the graduate

The graduate learned a lot this year – including

week 18/52: slow dance

Just a slow dance between friends. Note: I remember

week 17/52: runway show

One of C’s BFF’s is the daughter of one of

week 16/52: 2 wheels

It’s official, she does NOT get her sense of

week 15/52: tickle

I think this is what Tyra Banks meant by “smizing

week 14/52: four

Four, fabulous and finally loving frosting! 50mm, ISO

week 13/52: decisions, decisions

So many horsies, so little time. Neigh. 50mm, ISO 200,

march creativity exercise: perspective

Baby J spends the better part of her day looking up at

week 12/52: the switch

I’m pretty sure no one on earth is capable of

week 11/52: TP Hero

If toilet paper ever needed a hero, she’s here.

week 10/52: spring watch

Looks like the fabled “spring” might

week 9/52: birthday banana

What to do when your baby is allergic to all the cakes

february creativity exercise: food photography

I was thinking elaborately decorated cookie-polooza for

week 8/52: all business

Look who’s out of the bjorn and stalking her big

week 7/52: peek

Peek-a-boo: it’s not just for babies when there

week 6/52: practice

I think all those chins might have contributed to the

january creativity exercise: up-close portraiture

This month’s challenge is up-close portraiture

week 5/52: pug love

For my collection of pug love photos. We sure do

week 4/52: snow

Proof of our first backyard snow! Next time I have to

week 3/52: stairs

Now accepting bets on which one attempted the climb and

week 2/52: cheeks

Excuse the food face, these cheeks are tough to keep

week 1/52: pizza date

Out for her first pizza night with Grandpa (Gramma busy

week 52/52: pink lightning

Terrific end to this year’s (year two!) 52 Week

week 51/52: merry merry

Stop, drop and roll happy on Christmas morning. Giant

week 50/52: christmas in dc

We certainly missed the big tree in Seaside, FL but

week 49/52: the one of me and jane

Pre New Year’s resolution: be in more photos.

{ november monthly project } …blessings…

I have so much (loads, heaps and tons) to be

week 48/52: girl talk

Earlier in the day these two were spotted in the

week 47/52: baba was here!

As you can see everyone had an open mouth laughing good

week 46/52: backyard chase

Confession – I actually had trouble catching her

week 45/52: happy

I might need to brainstorm a new word to describe how

week 44/52: cooped up (sandy)

After a while even freshly watercolored paper airplane

week 43/52: swingstress

I hear ALL. THE. TIME. that I am not pushing a

week 42/52: bjornin’

I am well on my way to having enough photos of J

week 41/52: pfffffft

I’ve been waiting a long time (ok, 7

week 40/52: gummy smile

Baby J is not breaking any records for uninterrupted

week 39/52: a donkey will do

We seem to be on a farm/stable tour here –

week 38/52: cannonball

Canonballs: they aren’t just for swimming pools.

week 37/52: black-and-white-horsey

We have a horse lover on our hands. Neigh.

week 36/52: big laugh

Teenage C is bound to roll her eyes at me when I try to

week 35/52: carrots

Carrots are apparently no joke.

{ august monthly project } …playtime…

Magic wands and rubber band bracelets are two of C’s

week 34/52: chew toy

Chew, chew. Gnaw, gnaw. Drool. Deep baby thought. And

week 33:52: flight

Maybe it was all the airplanes hanging around but these

{ july monthly project } …summer…

Just one of the many important choices to be made in

week 32/52: dog treat?

A boy, his dog and some homegrown cucumbers&#

week 31/52: besties

My next order of business is ordering this one for C&#

week 29/52: chase

A rollicking game of chase open to anyone wearing a

week 28/52: dress up

Seems like there is a different costume every

week 27/52

Just a placeholder – I’m going to have to

{ june monthly project } …fatherhood…

Dads don’t mind making silly pucker faces all the

week 26/52: hello, summer

Summer in FL is a lot like spring. Only hotter. And

week 25/52: hey, it’s jane

I’m thinking we should check in with Baby J this

week 24/52: my own shadow

According to C “my own shadow is a very good

week 23/52: pool toys

C’s doggy paddle is a spectacle best viewed in

week 22/52: how we roll

Meet my entourage – currently on tour somewhere

{ may monthly project } …motherhood…

Universal truth of motherhood #478: If you manage to

week 21/52: aunt wo-ryn

C thinks her Aunt Loryn is pure magic. And Uncle Todd (

week 20/52: ‘nastics

Her first ballet recital was more photogenic (and you

week 19/52: patience does not live here

She didn’t eat a bite of the finished cupcakes

week 18/52: i wish i could remember what song was playing

Baby J likely has baby whiplash from me putting her

{ april monthly project } …friendship…

Real friends share consider sharing their popsicles

week 17/52: laughing out loud

M loves a good joke but rarely do I get laughs quite

week 16/52: tricks, cupcakes and pitch-ers

“Come on Mommy. I’m gonna show you some

week 15/52: gratuitous easter dress(es) shot

Baby J spent the second annual Eggs on the Beach Hunt

week 14/52: bath czar

C is loving this big sister gig…. she’s not

{ march monthly project } the way I view … happiness

I was sorry to miss participating in the CMpro blog

week 13/52: hmph.

In response to this stink face, I grabbed my camera and

week 12/52: big sister bounty

The mounds of big sister bounty we prepped for C may

week 11/52: sleepy newborn phase

Meet Jane! She enjoys sleeping, eating, deep meaningful

week 10/52: iphone update… it’s a girl!

Big news around here – C is officially a big sister!

week 9/52: debating

Deep in thought on whether the Baby Eat, Sleep, Poop

week 8/52: hide and seek

We had some great friends in town this past week and C

week 7/52: stray ballerina

Oh, Itty Bitty Ballet photo opp…. I just can&#

week 6/52: folding is not her strong suit

My little helperton has been very enthusiastic about &#

week 5/52: more triangle

Marching band is still a big crowd pleaser at

{ january monthly project } the way I view … new beginnings

I’m super excited to be a part of a new monthly

week 4/52: tub flair

She’s more of a mess maker than a liner up

week 3/52: when girl met goat

It was very hard to judge who was more excited here &#

week 2/52: itty bitty ballet

C’s world is a series of fun photo ops (I want to

new year, new 52 week project: week 1/52 2012 edition

This Humpty Dumpty didn’t exactly have a great

week 52/52

We headed out to the beach tonight to toast the New

week 51/52

A few years ago my mom gave us a set of woodland

week 50/52

C got to play with her pals C and B (daughters of my

week 49/52

Our trips to CA to visit family and friends are always

week 48/52

Christmas spoiler alert if you are related to C–

week 47/52

I’ve been trying for months (years really) to get

week 46/52

2 year olds in the middle of a rollicking game

week 45/52

Pugs are not known for their speed and love of

week 44/52

Smirking is the preferred way of eating deserts around

week 43/52

I usually try to avoid putting squinty pictures of

week 42/52

One of us struggled a little at the pumpkin patch

week 41/52

I can usually get the pony tail a little smoother but I

week 40/52

It’s finally Fall in FL which means it can be too

week 39/52

Laziness is not moving off the other side of the

week 38/52

Hard at work repairing a sandcastle that “someone

week 37/52

She really turns on the charm (and breaks into song)

week 36/52

Introducing my new assistant. She wasn’t really

week 35/52

Special guest stars on the blog for this week’s

week 34/52

Lots of fun was had this week with C’s visiting

week 33/52

I had to put the camera down quickly to make sure this

week 32/52

Popsicles are a big part of our summer cooling strategy

week 31/52

When you’re 2, it’s never too hot or humid

week 30/52

This past Monday one of C’s BFFs got herself her

week 29/52

Although she is super chatty, sometimes when she wants

week 28/52

Gone are the days of the timid approach into the (tiny

week 27/52

It might seem less hot and humid when you’re

week 26/52

C is all about somersaults at toddler gymnastics. She&#

Happy Father’s Day!

One of the great things about a dad is that they will

week 24/52

Two year olds are not still very often – I had to

week 23/52

I was originally going with something with actual

week 22/52

She still uses her crib like a trampoline but she’

week 21/52

I was plotting a way to incorporate the wood on our

week 20/52

C got her first haircut this past weekend. I was

week 19/52

C could not be happier to have her Baba visiting this

week 18/52

Our unheated pool is finally getting warm which means

week 17/52

We’re just back from a super fun week in NC where

week 16/52

C loves to play in sand pits other people have dug out

week 15/52

C and I had a belated birthday lunch of gelato

birthday girl

Taking her two year old self out for a birthday spin on

week 14/52

C lived it up on vacation last week. 6 adults to play

week 13/52

It doesn’t matter how many toys I bring to the

week 12/52

I don’t have much of a green thumb so we welcomed

week 11/52

Now that it stays lighter later C’s dad can meet

week 10/52

C helped her dad celebrate his birthday last week &#

week 9/52

I’ve been playing around with black and white

week 8/52

There are a lot of things C loves to do with her dad

week 7/52

T.G.F.R.S.S. That’s Thank God For Red

week 6/52

Excuse the tardy weekly post but we had some

week 5/52

Big news weekly photo lookers – we’

week 4/52

C loves everything about bubbles. Chasing them,

week 3/52

She doesn’t actually sing all the words to the

week 2/52

Another day, another wagon ride! I am at risk

week 1/52

So we headed over to the playground this morning for

A little practice before starting the project…

I meant practice for me (it’s my very