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Monthly Archives: February 2011

week 8/52

There are a lot of things C loves to do with her dad these days. Topping the list this week is the only activity involving banging things together and synchronized footwork. Welcome to marching band practice — starring Mark as the bandleader and C as the band. Update: Slice of Life photo entry on 3.27.11 […]

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week 7/52

  T.G.F.R.S.S. That’s Thank God For Red Sparkly Shoes. It’s been a double ear infection kind of week here but red sparkly shoes are nearly as therapeutic¬†as antibiotics and numbing ear drops. They’ve been paired with almost every outfit the past few days…including footed pajamas and this polka dot apron. 50mm, ISO 400, SS 1/320, […]

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week 6/52

  Excuse the tardy weekly post but we had some super fun visitors last week. Introducing our special guest star: Baby G. She enjoys long walks on the beach, naps, warm baths, things that jingle, things that snort (pugs) and facing out in the Baby Bjorn. We miss her (and her mom and dad) already. […]

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week 5/52

  Big news weekly photo lookers – we’ve got a weekly theme schedule thanks to a 52 week project group I’m participating in on theBloom Forum. There is a link at the end of this post to the next participant in the group if you’d like to see everyone’s work for the week – just […]

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