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Monthly Archives: November 2011

week 47/52

I’ve been trying for months (years really) to get a great picture of Daphne and Charlie together and I’m starting to think that putting peanut butter on someone’s cheek might be the only way. Behold, my latest fail. Sigh. 50mm, ISO 2500, SS 1/400, f/4.5    

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week 46/52

  2 year olds in the middle of a rollicking game of “London Bridge” are the reason that fast shutter speeds exist. These two together were a force of (blond, curly headed) nature. And super fun!      

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week 45/52

  Pugs are not known for their speed and love of exercise but ours sure does love herself some beach running. We’re not sure she was aware this was a race but it was a very close finish. 50mm, ISO 4000, SS 1/400, f/3.5

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week 44/52

Smirking is the preferred way of eating deserts around here. No time for actual bragging when your mouth is full. 50mm, ISO 125, SS 1/800, f 3.5    

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