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week 9/52: debating

Deep in thought on whether the Baby Eat, Sleep, Poop Journal is going to look better in crayon or watercolor. I should have ordered one for each of us to use…. 50mm, ISO 6400, SS 1/800, f/3.2  

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week 8/52: hide and seek

We had some great friends in town this past week and C had The Best Time with her pals L and T. She was predictably sad about them leaving so I tried to take her mind off it with about 900 games of hide and seek. She loves the hiding process but she just can’t […]

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week 7/52: stray ballerina

Oh, Itty Bitty Ballet photo opp…. I just can’t quit you. We had another adorable week of dance antics. Lots of jumping, hopping, marching, twirling. hand-holding, hokey pokey-ing etc. And low crawling. Away from the group, no less.   50mm, ISO 6400, SS 1/500, f/2.8  

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week 6/52: folding is not her strong suit

My little helperton has been very enthusiastic about “helping” to wash and organize all the tiny baby clothes. I appreciate the sentiment, I really do. However, we are on day 4 of folding the same things. Along with narrating every. piece. of. clothing. with something like “…..and THIS was MINE when I was a BABY…..” […]

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week 5/52: more triangle

  Marching band is still a big crowd pleaser at our house (last seen here) but these days she’s adding singing. Old McDonald is usually her opening number. And frequently her encore. 50mm, ISO 800, SS 1/500, f/3.5  

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