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{ april monthly project } …friendship…

Real friends share consider sharing their popsicles with each other.

April Nienhuis is up next in the circle – be sure to click over to see her beautiful view of friendship!

Leslie - Ah – one word. Adorable. My brother is a proud-pug-poppa so I have a little soft spot for the pups and yours looks like he is pleading for just one lick of that popsicle!

Jessica - Oh my gosh what a perfect capture of an adorable moment–and PERFECT for friendship. I just love it!!!!

Krista Campbell - LOL! This is too sweet!!!!

Rebecca - LOL, I LOVE it! There are some cute dog pictures this month!

Leah Cook - oh this kills me!!!! so so sweet…both of them. friends forever!

christina - He looks even more smitten w/ C than he is the popsicle. Love this so much –always look forward to yours :)

Melissa - LOL! This is precious, Gigi! I must know….did puppy at least get to lick the stick afterwards?

julian evans - So stinkin’ cute!

Cary - Adore adore adore this! :)

Lisa - How cute are they!

gigimcgill - Thank you girls! Melissa – our pup (Daphne) did manage to get a few licks. She’s very savvy about getting people to part with their food. In this case, savvy = relentless.

Anne - Oh my goodness this is so sweet and funny !!

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