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january creativity exercise: up-close portraiture

This month’s challenge is up-close portraiture and lucky for me I know someone with:

(a) no concept of personal space


(b) a burning desire to get as close as possible to me at all times.

It’s partly a mama fetish but she also loooooves lens caps.

50mm, ISO 6400, f/5.0, 1/500


Leah Cook is next up with some amazing close-ups!


kelly garvey - oh my goodness SOOO stinking sweet!

Leah Cook - AH!! so so so cute! I love your personal space comment too =)

Krista Campbell Photography - These make me smile :) So sweet!

Beira - So adorable! With all that cuteness, I would forget my personal space to get close :)

Allison Jacobs - What a cutie!!! Love that little face (who needs personal space anyway?). :)

Anne - These make me smile, Gigi. She’s such a cutie pie. <3

Jessica - Oh what a cutie she is–these images both just make me grin from ear to ear!!!!

Megan - These are so cute! I love how her little lips are drawn in tightly in the first. These make me happy! :)

Melissa - Your words always crack me up, Gigi. And your images never disappoint!! Oh what a face!!!

Adeena - What a cutie! 😀

Christina - Oh I just want to smoosh those cheeks and kiss that face!! How I miss the days of mama fetish <3 She's just darling, Gigi. Xx

Jodi - oh goodness, gigi! i LOVE those turned in lips in the first one! you made me giggle too!

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