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I was sorry to miss participating in the CMpro blog circle last month but I had an excellent (9lb 6oz) reason. She’s pictured below looking mighty concerned about the finger pointed her direction. Not to worry, the finger wasn’t aimed at any eyeballs. I’m sure that’s coming in my future of sibling squabbles but for now C is just thrilled to tickle/squeeze her baby sister.

So here they are, my two favorite sources of happiness.

April Nienhuis is up next in the circle – I always look forward to seeing what she shares!

Anne Wick - Congratulations, Gigi ! She’s so adorable ! Can’t wait to see more of her in the months to come !

Beira - Congrats on the new baby! These two look like they are best friends already :)

christina - okay that may be one of the best big sis/lil sis captures ever! lol Congratulations Gigi! She’s beautiful :) And we have very similar taste in names –as you know, we also have a C, and J was on our short list as well –love it. ♥

Jessica - Precious image! Congratulations on the newest member of your sweet family!

Erin Kent - “No, you’re the best sister!!” At least, that is what I picture Charlie and Jane saying to one another. Ah, love.

Krista Campbell - Congratulations Gigi! Beautiful girls!

Micha McNerney - Precious and perfect! Congratulations!

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