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Universal truth of motherhood #478:

If you manage to get in a photo with your kids, chances are they will not look at the camera at the same time as you.

Universal truth of motherhood #479:

Don’t worry about your kids looking at the camera. Just be happy you are all together in the same frame.

Big thanks to Aunt Loryn for taking this photo for me!

Be sure to click over to see Melissa Gibson‘s take on this this month’s motherhood theme – I always love seeing what the gorgeous Gibson girls are up to.

Krista Campbell - Three gorgeous girls! This is beautiful Gigi!

Anne - This is such a sweet capture, Gigi!

Jessica - LOVELY image! You are part of such a beautiful family…

jodi - yep, you’ve nailed those universal truths of motherhood right on the head. love this pic of you and your girls!

Lori Jaeski - Such a cute post Gigi … and so true! Love the pic of you and your girls, how special!!

Leah Cook - truth #1: you are BEAUTIFUL!!! and look at your gorgeous girls. I love this!

Beira - Aw, too cute! I can’t believe how big your littlest one is already. I feel like you just had her last week.

Rebecca - LOL! SOOOO true! I couldn’t believe I actually caught one of my girls LOOKING at the camera this month! YAY! But I still love the ones where they’re not looking too…If I didn’t I’d only love like .0001% of the photos of me and my girls! Te he he.

Christina - Couldnt love this more. <3 Three beautiful girls!!

Melissa - No kidding! I love this Gigi! So good to see you in there with your two cutie pies!

Universal truth of motherhood #480: If they ARE looking at the camera they will have huge boogers that are too hard to photoshop out.

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